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Conveyor belt repair

Eli-Flex Belt Repair, FR909/N60 Paste.

– Quick Setting

– No special tools or skills required

-Easy to mix and apply

-Twin pack system

– Non Hazardous

-High tear propagation

– Broad spectrum chemical protection

-Solvent Free

-Air transport friendly

-150gram, 300gram and 500gram packaging

-2 year shelf life

-liquid and paste forms

What damage on conveyor belts can this stuff fix

Holes, tears, sidewall repairs, filler strips, worn lagging patches, exposed fabric carcass,

fraying and stringing, rebuilding rubber, rubber lining etc

What else can you do with this stuff

Off road tyre repair (quarry vehicles,tractors, diggers etc)

patch linings in chutes, tanks, pipes, marine fendercare, rubber lining, rubber hose repair,

vehicle anti roll bar repair, rubber castings/moulds

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Eli-Flex FR909 Conveyor belt and rubber repair system