Resin Cable Jointing Kit

Low Voltage Resin Cable Joints

Resin Cable Jointing Kit, JOINTMASTER has used it’s vast experience and know-how, built up over many years in cable jointing, to develop a comprehensive range of low voltage products that offer outstanding quality and value, and still meet today’s exacting requirements of the electrical distribution industry.

JOINTMASTER has a comprehensive range of low voltage joints that have been designed to accommodate all cable sizes ranging from 1,5 – 300mm2.

JOINTMASTER offers the most comprehensive range of resin systems, in either polyurethane or epoxy. The resins are supplied in convenient easy to use see through mixerpacks and are protected in aluminium foil pouches.

Some of the resins available are; opaque polyurethane, clear polyurethane, clear epoxy, flame retardant clear or opaque epoxy, flame retardant opaque polyurethane, flexible polyurethane and re-enterable polyurethane resins. Flame retardant resin joints are supplied with flame retardant polycarbonate joint moulds.


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