Low Voltage Heat Shrink Joint

heat shrink joint
low voltage heat shrink

JOINTMASTER offers a comprehensive range of low voltage heat shrink cable joint kits, offering both double sleeve and single sleeve configurations for use on 2 to 4 core 600/1000 Volt and 3,3kV cables.

All of the tubing used is coated internally with a hot meltable adhesive to ensure good environmental sealing.

An added advantage is that the low voltage heat shrink joint kit has an indefinite shelf life. The range of joints covers all cable sizes (armoured and unarmoured) from 1,5mm2 – 300mm2 Due to the range taking capabilities of the heat shrink tubing used, one size of joint is utilised, from 2 to 4 core cables.

Special joint applications are also available for multicore cables covering from 7 up to 37 cores.

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