Eliflex Conveyor Belt Repair System

Eliflex is an ingenious two part Polyurethane resin formulated to repair damaged conveyor belting and other Rubber products. Eliflex is designed to repair almost any rubber related conveyor belt problem including but not limited to: • Holes • Tears • Cuts • Splits • Gouges • Rips • Longitudinal and lateral cracks • Sidewall repair • Worn edges • Exposed fabric carcass • Exposed steel cables • Steel cord • Fasteners • Filler strips • Worn lagging patches • Fraying or stringing • Eliflex is  Available in 3 easy to use sizes 150 g, 300 g, and 500 g.

Polymer Technologies distributes a  diversified range of products, from low to extra high voltage power cable jointing and heat shrinkable terminating accessories for all cable types, including PILC and XLPE for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Polymer technologies has built a solid worldwide distribution network supplying and servicing many industries, including the power distribution/transmission, reticulation, mining, quarrying, general/civil engineering, and electronic encapsulation sectors.

Our technology covers polyurethane and epoxy casting resins for various applications: epoxy wear lining, pulley lagging resins, clear casting resins, epoxy putties, epoxy adhesives, crusher backing compounds, duct sealants, epoxy gel coats, cable joint resins, Eli-Glow photo-luminescent pigments and ceramic-epoxy coatings, Eliflex FR909 N60 paste for hassle free conveyor belt repairs.

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